Leading our team are Alison Smith, a Family Behavioural Specialist, Nikky Morgan a Life Coach and Counsellor and Elaine Nembhard, a Qualified Social Worker and Trainer with a successful track record working on service development projects for local authorities.  Together we have over 40 years’ experience working in domestic violence services, private practice, children’s social care and the criminal justice system in a variety of roles.   

We understand the pressures that social workers, police officers, health and education professionals work under to make sure they keep families safe as we have experienced those same pressures.

We know how difficult it is to find time to complete your day to day work, meet statutory timescales, deal with the unforeseen and  identify useful training for ongoing professional development. When you do manage to find the time to attend a training course, the content is not what you were expecting.

We wont disappoint you  as our resources focus on the link between mental health and domestic violence and not the presenting factors.  

We invite you to explore further  – now, please visit our “What We Do” page.

Mayday Domestic Violence Services are members of CPD Certification Service.