December 6, 2019 all-day
TallyHo Conference & Banqueting Centre,
Pershore Rd
B5 7RN
Elaine Nembhard
0330 133 0238

Seminar Overview and Aims

Mayday Domestic Violence Services’ innovative seminar for
 Children’s Social Care Staff (social workers, managers, independent review
officers and all practitioners)
 Health professionals (GPs, midwives, health visitors, health professionals)
 Education (teachers, family workers and safeguarding leads)
 Justice System (Police Officers, Judges, Children’s Guardian, CafCass Officers)
 Housing – managers and staff working directly with families

This is no ordinary seminar! We have used the experiences of parents affected by
Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse and professionals working with victims and
perpetrators to develop our programmes. We aim to give you a unique perspective
and approach to understanding and tackling the underlying reasons why parents use
coercively controlling behaviours and how Narcissistic parents harm their children.

We have proof that what we do delivers results, visit www.maydaydvs.co.uk
In our seminar, you will:
 Learn about the insidious nature of Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse and their
critical role in dealing effectively with domestic violence.
 Learn ways to work with families to finally break the cycle of domestic violence and
to prevent re-referrals to Children’s services.
 Learn about the underlying reasons why parents fail to safeguard their children and
why people in abusive relationships fail to break free.
 Broaden your understanding of the psychology behind the abuse in order to
safeguard children.
 Learn about the complex nature of the Child-Narcissistic-Parent relationship.
 Develop your knowledge and understanding of the impact of living in a Narcissistic
household and how Coercively Controlling behaviours leave lifelong effects on
 Learn methods to identify child victims and what needs to be in place to help them
and their families before they reach crisis point.
 Acquire insight into the issue that will help to provide effective support for children
affected by domestic violence.

Learning Objectives
The learning objectives are linked to the aims outlined above however there will be
themes explored within the seminar that will provide that “light bulb” moment and help
you to see things differently.

You will come away from our seminar with a good understanding of tackling the underlying cause of the problem and not the symptom.

Alison Smith, a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert, Nikky Morgan, a Life Coach and
Counsellor and Elaine Nembhard a qualified Social Worker and Trainer have combined their 40
years’ experience working with children and families to raise awareness of Coercive
Control, Narcissistic Abuse and the long-term harm this causes for children.

Need Further Information?
Email Elaine (info@maydaydvs.co.uk) if you have any questions regarding the seminar
or to arrange to commission this as in in-house training for your organisation. You can
also telephone us on 0330 133 0238 www.Maydaydvs.co.uk

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