We deliver tailored and bespoke TRAUMA INFORMED training to Local Authorities to address the more complex and puzzling parenting issues that are adversely impacting on children.

Many parents are skilled at evasion and create closed worlds governed by lies, terror and distortion and this extreme and unusual behaviour is not being addressed. Parents go to great lengths to hide their behaviour from practitioners who are observing the impact of these behaviours displayed in children living in these households. In his report in to the death of Victoria Climbie’ Lord Laming said “Adults who deliberately exploit the vulnerability of children can behave in devious and menacing ways. The same report notes that parents were hostile and workers were frightened to go into their homes.  Twenty  years later many Local Authorities are still unwittingly allowing this to happen despite the many Serious Case Reviews highlighting the same issues.

Our training programmes incorporate the skills and knowledge required for practitioners to overcome their fears and work more confidently with these parents to get the true voice of the child.

We know that when parents are struggling with their relationships, regardless of their age and ability, children can experience ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES (ACE’s) and can be affected by these throughout their adult life.

Unlike many other resources, our focus is to address the underlying reasons that result in the conflict and not the presenting symptoms and highlight the importance of involving paternal and maternal family members in all aspects of the  work.