To equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills to fully explore relationships and behaviours within families to create a quality assessment. By utilising the family Genogram, practitioners will have access to a definitive map of the client’s inner journey which can result in a quality intervention and uncover the patterns of behaviour and intergenerational abuse

  • Improve participation between the client and the practitioner
  • Assist both the parent and the practitioner to identify the patterns of behaviour and address the underlying issues
  • To assess the current support networks, the influences on personal development and interpersonal relationships which need improvement.
  • To consider the impact of parenting styles and Social Graces when exploring family functioning
  • Support families to overcome resistance when they can identify the connections between historical family members.
  • Increase opportunities to use professional curiosity and probing skills
  • To assess if the child has adequate support from extended family and to identify positive relationships
  • To identify family members who may be a risk to the child.
  • To support the family, identify current behaviour’s which act as triggers or support active use.

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