A 6-week group programme for Dads and Mums focusing on the impact of parental conflict on children  – facilitators are Alison Smith and Nikky Morgan.

Our evidenced-based programme focusses on educating parents/carers to recognise the signs of parental conflict and to safeguard their children from further harm.

It  empowers and educates parents to understand the impact of Parental Alienation and its long-term effects on the child.

This trauma-informed approach equips parents to identify their own triggers that lead to parental conflict. It  helps parents to understand how their behaviour and their own unresolved trauma could be impacting on their own child.

Please contact us to discuss setting up and running groups for parents… we will be happy to meet and explain more about the group.  We can set up a pilot programme and complete and impact and evaluation report at the end of the programme. We were commissioned to run a parental conflict  pilot group for dads in the summer and  achieved 100% attendance and participation and we are now  in discussions with other local authorities.

One Father’s feedback and actions after taking part in our 6-week programme

After voluntarily attending a 6-week group for dads (facilitated by Alison Smith and Nikky Morgan) to learn about the impact of parental conflict on children, one father has set up his own support group for other dads.

I have called the group  “Kids Come First” and already  have 30 members and my aim is to support as many other dad’s as possible, it will take time as I still have to work and make time for my son but its important that  other dads don’t have to experience what I went through.  I learnt so much at the group and want to share my knowledge with others but for me what has come out of this experience is the lack of training about personality disorders and mental health which could have resulted in my son being  placed at risk. I want him to grow up knowing I will do whatever it takes to be in his life and want to learn about his needs, I felt safe being able to share some of my experiences with other dads in a group setting and I will be able to help so many others to be better dads too. I have always supported my son financially and emotionally but the lack of knowledge about mental health during the Court process nearly resulted in my son losing contact with all of his paternal family.  I want his mother to get the help she needs too as being a good father to me means working together despite us not living in the same home but I want people to know that parental conflict is not straightforward.


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