The aim of this programme is for Social Workers to identify the difference between unconscious and conscious Parental Alienation (PA) and assess the impact of harm on the child. It is becoming increasingly relevant to Social Workers that PA it is a form of emotional abuse. Parental Alienation can cause long term emotional harm to a child’s identity, development and long-term mental health. It is critical that Social Workers know how to identify this and do not become influenced by the agenda of the parents. Front line practitioners may struggle to identify who is the protective parent as children can be coached and coerced or maybe too fearful to speak out. While alienation can be exhibited solely by one parent, it is often a combination of child and adult behaviours that lead to the child rejecting or resisting spending time with one parent. By attending this workshop practitioners will be able to:

  • Identify potential triggers for Post Separation Abuse
  • Identify and respond to the alienating behaviour
  • Protect the child from the influence of the alienating parent
  • Empower parents to resolve the conflict without involving the child
  • Educate parents about the long-term harm caused by alienation
  • Create a timeline with the child prior to the separation
  • Gain the child’s true wishes and feelings
  • Prevent cases escalating to Public Law Outline
  • Reduce referrals to Child Adolescent Mental Health Teams (CAMHS)

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