This programme is aimed at practitioners engaging with parents who have diagnosed/undiagnosed personality disorders. Although many parents pose no serious risk of harm to children, the behaviours of parents with Cluster B personality disorders can cause long term harm to their children. Many front-line practitioners will also find themselves subject to complaints or are simply overwhelmed with the amount of time being spent with these parents. Many Serious Case Reviews highlight parents with Narcissistic behaviour however there is a lack of resources for professionals to work confidently with these parents.  The true impact of harm caused by parents with the disorder is hidden as children may be too fearful to speak out. By offering alternative methods of engaging with these parents and by understanding the underlying behaviours, practitioners, will be able to confidently build trust with parents and gain the true voice of the child by:

  • Paying attention to inconsistencies
  • Learning strategies to build rapport and increase engagement
  • Recognising and responding to the non-verbal reactions
  • Understanding the parents may have unresolved historical trauma
  • Gaining the true voice of the children
  • Identifying the specific role of the child
  • Identifying their role in the Karpman Drama Triangle

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