This 6-week group programme is an intervention that will support parents to recognise the signs of domestic abuse and safeguard their children from further harm. It will empower and educate parents to understand the impact of their behaviour and the long-term effects on both the child and the targeted parent. This trauma informed approach will equip parents to identify their own triggers that lead to domestic abuse and implement strategies to de-escalate the conflict.  It will support parents to understand how the domestic abuse and their own unresolved trauma could be impacting on their parenting and the child. By reflecting on their own childhood adversities and linking these to their current parenting style, parents will be able to protect their children by taking the appropriate action required. By attending this two day Train the Trainer programme practitioners will be able to:

  • Help parents understand how domestic abuse affects them as a parent
  • Support parents to recognise the impact of domestic abuse on their child
  • Show parents how the domestic abuse is affecting the targeted parent
  • Educate parents to recognise the signs of Child Trauma.
  • Support parents to communicate effectively with their child
  • Empower parents to increase empathic responses to their child
  • Teach parents protective behaviours to keep their child safe

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