Direct Work with Abusers to Achieve Behaviour Change

Child Protection Social Workers (CPSW) have to work with abusers directly and deal with safeguarding challenges this presents for the child and adult victims. We support social workers by carrying out challenging direct with abusers to inform their child and family assessment, court reports and other decision. Our direct work is about identification of the problem and working towards change.

What we do will need to be guided by the case manager however, here are some areas where we complete direct work sessions:

  • coercively controlling behaviours, narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, danger signs and risk of escalating domestic violence behaviours
  • explore core beliefs and resistance to change
  • empathy and capacity to understand the victim’s lived experiences
  • assessing motivation to change

Use a range of tools for direct work with adults, we explore all the issues raised above and have difficult conversations to inform behavioural change.

At the end of each session, the case manager will receive feedback on engage, motivation and progress with a final report to guide further work with the to change.

Depending on the initial needs assessment, Mayday will allocate a case worker with the specialist knowledge required to carry out the direct work.

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