DOMESTIC ABUSE is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY affecting victims, including children from all backgrounds irrespective of standing, status, socioeconomic group or gender. The number of domestic abuse crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales in March 2021 increased by 6%, from 798,607 in March 2020 to 845,734. For the same period, the police made an average of 669 child protection referrals every day in response to domestic abuse incidents. We still don’t know how many children in England and Wales are affected by such incidents.

At MAYDAY……we provide

  • Domestic Abuse one-to-one S.A.F.E. programme for Victims affected by domestic abuse
  • Domestic Abuse groups for Victims where Children’s Services are involved
  • Domestic Abuser programme where Children’s Services are involved
  • Domestic Abuse training programmes and workshops for public sector professionals
  • Parenting Assessments and Court Reports

We have created unique resources to support Front Line Practitioners, G.P.’s and Family Law Firms to recognise and SAFELY respond to the many different types of domestic abuse as this is a complex issue, and one size does not fit all.



What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is the systematic pattern of behaviour on the part of the abuser designed to control his partner. The abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. Anyone forced to alter their behaviour because the [ Read More ]

Examples Of Domestic Violence

All forms of gender-based violence are against the law. Are you being abused? Is your partner excessively jealous and possessive? Is he charming one minute and abusive the next? Does he have sudden changes of mood R [ Read More ]

Help For Victims

Domestic abuse national numbers National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247 or email Refuge: Emergency services: 999General support Samaritans: 116 123 | [ Read More ]



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Case Studies

Case Study

A referral 5 years earlier to children’s services reported domestic violence in the home where there were 4 young children. The mother was under the influence of illegal substances and had hit the father with a bottle in the head causing a cut. The father reported being a victim of domestic violence but later retracted the allegation. There was no further action from Children’s Services.

Our Approach

The children were subject to Child Protection (CP) plans, and within the first 3 months, a member of Mayday’s team was commissioned to provide discreet 1 to 1 support over 6 sessions in which he revealed a volatile 10-year relationship. The father explained his experiences which our worker identified as Gaslighting. She explained he was experiencing cognitive dissonance and how this was impacting on his ability to safeguard himself and his children.

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