The courses we offer are specially designed for public sector professionals (children’s services, police, health, education and housing) working together to safeguard children, providing early intervention services and support. We deliver all our courses face-to-face or online.

Online Training – Open Access

Assessing Risk to Children Exposed to Narcissistic Abuse and Coercive Control

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Domestic Abuse for Safeguarding Professionals

Consisting of 4 modules, you will find something proportionate to your level of responsibility! Developed in partnership with Mayday Domestic Abuse Services, the programme includes a range of specialist training options. It is designed specifically for safeguarding professionals, domestic abuse practitioners and other agencies with a duty to report safeguarding… [ Read More ]

Safeguarding Children Exposed to Narcissistic Abuse, Coercive Control and Parental Alienation

The aim of this programme is to equip practitioners with in-depth knowledge of how to confidently engage with perpetrators, victims and children caught in the cycle of domestic abuse. Unlike many other domestic abuse training programmes, this workshop will support practitioners to understand why specific interventions won’t work and provides… [ Read More ]

Understanding the Impact of Coercive Control and Narcissistic Abuse on Parenting Capacity

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 recognises children as victims of domestic abuse in their own right. Recognising the dangers of narcissism to children and how to respond to the challenges to safeguard them is a must for all safeguarding practitioners. Narcissism is a recurring theme mentioned in many serious case… [ Read More ]