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Independent Advice and Support

Family disputes can leave you with “excruciating emotions” of feeling isolated and the belief that no one else can relate to your situation. You may struggle to articulate how the breakup has affected you and people’s comments may feel insensitive. Being unable to discuss your emotions with family and friends for fear of being judged or blamed can result in feelings of depression and anxiety. The most basic things such as responding to an email or answering the phone can result in your emotions spiraling out of control. By discussing these emotions with someone who understands will give you validation and empower you to make more positive decisions.

  • We have significant experience in dealing with all types of, Domestic Abuse and Parental Alienation which arise in the context of a high conflict family dispute.
  • We offer strategies for families  who may be subjected to Coercively Controlling behaviours designed to prolong or delay financial settlements &  child arrangement hearings.
  • We provide Specialist advice and Trauma informed, Emotional support for people experiencing high levels of conflict. With our extensive knowledge of supporting families we have combined our expertise with compassion to prevent our clients feeling overwhelmed during a divorce/break up.
  • Having individually tailored support can prevent an unnecessary escalation to criminal proceedings and our techniques will support you to resolve the conflict.
  • Where there has been a  Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) we will assist you in implementing the safety plan.
  • If you are concerned about Parental Alienation resulting from the family dispute, we can  assist you in  safeguarding  your child from emotional harm.
  • We provide mediation for clients where there have been allegations of  low level domestic abuse.
  • Telephone support is available for families who need urgent assistance.

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